1.3 Ounce – Twist Up Moisturizing Lotion Bars – Does Your Skin Crave More?


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Does your skin crave some extra attention now? At Purrfect Handcrafted Soaps we have the “Purrfect” solution. Our moisturizing solid lotion bars are created for provide great benefits for your skin. They come in many different scents.

You can keep them in your pocket of your jeans, backpack, nightstand, or in your purse. It’s always there to keep your skin hydrated.

Lotion bars are designed to melt with the aid of friction. Your skin will love the extra moisturizing properties. Our lotion bars are generally solid at room temperature but hot weather may soften them. That is why
Purrfect Handcrafted Soap does not sell them in the Summertime.

What is a lotion moisturizing bar? A Lotion Bar is a solid lotion, a cream. It may resemble a bar of soap, but is actually a cream. The Lotion Bar will stay solid when kept at room temperature or lower. It can be used anywhere on the body. When applied to skin, body heat will slightly melt the bar.

Benefits: I have found that Lotion Bars are less greasy than liquid lotions and do not take as long to absorb into your skin. They are completely natural with no preservatives. With the addition of beeswax and solid body butters they last a good long time. … They are great for areas needing some attention.

These lotion bars come in twist containers.

1.3 (plus) Ounce Containers are: White Chocolate and Heavenly

Scents Available:

Heavenly: The enticing blend of hydrangea and violet with nuisances of pear and musk.

White Chocolate: Blend of vanilla bean, cocoa butter & confectionery sugar.

(See our other selection of scented solid lotion bars but in a tin container).

Makes a great stocking stuff or addition to a gift bag….

In stock



These products are:

100% Natural – Great For All Skin Types..
Does not contain toxins
Does not contain any GMO ingredients
Synthetic chemical-free
Paraben-free and no other toxic preservatives
Sulfate-free and no other harsh detergents
Artificial fragrance-free & artificial color-free
Phthalates-free and petro-chemical-free
Never tested on animals

Additional information

Weight 1.3 oz

Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Vit. E, Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil.


Twist container to bring up the amount of desired product.   Apply in a circular motion on areas which need some attention. Avoid face and eye area. The lotion bar will slowly melt into your skin and provide moisturizer. Place back into the tin for multiple use.


The enticing blend of hydrangea and violet with nuisances of pear and musk.

White Chocolate

Blend of vanilla bean, cocoa butter & confectionery sugar.

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