Purrfect Handcrafted Soaps LLC was created in 2019 by Diane to make beautiful, high quality handcrafted soaps and body treats. Intrigued about the chemistry of making soaps led her on this journey – one of much research and trial and error has resulted in the creation of her products. Not only do ideas keep her up at night, she even dreams about making soap.

With this new found creative outlet, much time goes into not only trying new products and ideas, but understanding how people respond to different scents, the beauty of presentation and the perceived value. Family and friends have been (fortunately) willing test subjects that provide brutally honest feedback. Then is the challenge to narrow the potential offerings for the for the website. Repeatability is necessary for a business but isn’t as much fun!

Our presence at local events — craft shows, beerfests, fundraisers — serves more than just the obvious sales opportunities and expanding our customer base. Here some of the smaller batch items are available, widening the choices for those that come see us in person. Personal interaction and being able to actually smell the products creates a fuller experience coupled, of course, with the beauty and packaging of each individual item.

Ken, marriage partner and willing business partner in this endeavor, serves as COO, CIO, CFO, photographer, project manager and engineer. We have been married 10 years and have a cat, Oreo. The business name and logo was inspired by Diane’s love for cats and is dedicated to Midnight who died suddenly last year.

As this hobby that began at Diane’s retirement in 2018 has grown, much of our house has been consumed with it. The products begin their life in the kitchen, raw materials and curing soap takes up the basement, packaging is done in the office, final products are staged in the dining room, and photography for the internet takes place in the living room. We are unarguably “all-in.”

Both Ken and Diane are happily retired and they enjoy each others company so much that they are trying to balance running this business together while being active in inner city ministry at their local church several days a week.  Their values for running this business are commensurate with their belief in Christ.

We are grateful that you have visited our website. Our goal is that you will be blessed using and enjoying our products. Please feel free to make comments and/or suggestions on what we can do to improve your experience. Thank you for turning a hobby into a business.

Diane’s hope is to make these beautiful products affordable for everyone. She also takes pride in the way her products are packaged because of her belief that beautiful products will put an infectious smile on your face and lift your mood.