Some people find themselves on a quest for their perfect scent.  Others would just like help identifying what they would like from the hundreds that are available.  Finding the perfect scent ultimately comes down to what you enjoy.

When we are at craft shows, some people enjoy standing in our booth smelling every soap we have.  While being enjoyable for both the observer as well as the potential customer, it certainly doesn’t have a lot of direction or focus to it.  It obviously doesn’t work when you are on the other end of an internet connection.

So I would suggest starting by choosing a scent family. There are 4 basic families:

  1. Floral/Sweet – These scents smell like freshly cut flowers like rose, lavender, carnation, orange blossoms.  They are the most popular for women.
  2. Citrus/Fruit – These scents smell like fruit, particularly citrus fruits.  Examples of these scents are orange, grapefruit, lime, but also apricot, apple, & peach.  They generally smell bright & refreshing.
  3. Oriental/Spicy – These scents smell musky & complex.  Many contain notes of spice like anise, cinnamon & vanilla.
  4. Woodsy – These scents smell woodsy, nutty, & earthy.  Many contain scents like bergamot, oakmoss, patchouli, sandalwood, etc.

The most popular soap scents are:  Lavender, Citrus, Chamomile, Mint, Rose, Bergamot, Sage & Lemongrass.  That may make them a good place to start but don’t be afraid to just have fun.  You may be surprised by finding “your perfect scent”.